Cleaning out WPMU Splogger spammers like the friendly folk and

The friendly folk who own the and domains are spammers who’ve been registering on one of my WordPress Multi-User installations and creating automated splogs (spam blogs).

I just deleted over 300 of their sites. They are like kudzu.

Things that might help if your site is getting spammed by someone like this:

  1. Block the IPs that they are using. In this case, they have been using 3 IP addresses:

    I blocked them using cPanel’s IP Block manager function, but you could also do it with an Apache .htaccess file.

  2. Delete all the spam blogs that have been created. Go to Site Admin > Blogs to delete them.
  3. Delete all the users that now have no blogs associated and that have the common spammer email address.

You have to kill splogs dead. This is a major issue for people who run WordPress MU installations.

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