open sword – pixen – OS X pixel-level graphics editor

open sword – pixen

The Forgotten Artist

The Macintosh has always been the platform of choice for graphic designers and artists. There are Mac programs available for page layout, photograph manipulation, vector art, animation, and nearly any application of the graphic arts imaginable. There is, however, one sort of artist who has a very tough time with the current tools available for what we can all agree is the superior platform.

This artist is the pixel-pusher. His arcane art is as ancient as the Atari and as important as any other discipline; why, then, are there so few programs for the Macintosh that support him?

We can’t say that we know why-doubtless, something about this “3D” fad. But as pixel art comes once again to the forefront of the video game arts, the spriter will have reason to turn to the Macintosh. This reason is Pixen 2.

This looks quite nice and interesting for editing pixel-level graphics on OS X. I’ll check it out later tonight, perhaps… 🙂



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