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The Slakinski Log

pyPodder 1.0.1 Released

pyPodder is my entry into the foray of similar scripts that take MP3 enclosures from RSS feeds found on sites like Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code and IT Conversations and puts those files into a iTunes playlist which you can sync to your iPod.

pyPodder brings a few new things to the scene. It requires no other downloads, it works as is. I had to make a few design decisions in order to do this, but I think Adam and others will highly agree that we need to make this work as easily as possible for users. Also it will not mess with your work flow, if iTunes is running and its hidden it will not jump to the forground, likewise if its not running it will hide itself on launch, lastly it will not hide if it is in the foreground.

pyPodder is not easy just yet, its easier than other *Podder scripts but its not the pie in the sky yet. But I went with Python in hopes to use pyObjC and win32 extensions to give it the ease and use that it needs. I also learned while working on Nucleus is that people don’t like editing files to configure the program, but they really hate editing XML on top of that. I (like the rest) have a config file, but its an INI file, and its dead simple to edit.

Please download pyPodder-101.sit now.


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