Bush Lies – Creative Commons graphic – spread it around.

Well, since I’m pretty much too hesitant chicken to go ahead and spray paint a message like this on overpasses, walls, buildings, the road, people’s cars sportin’ the big W, I figured I could at least vandalize my own site with a heartfelt message.

Bush Lies.  We pay.

So, I made this graphic. I hearby release it under Creative Commons license. Please use it, post it, share it, whatever if you like it or you think it conveys your feelings too. I may be adding other different messages along the same lines to the header graphic, but for now, please, this message needs to be spread.

Also, if the Democrats blow this election, shame on them. And, like Dave says, if you vote for Bush and he wins we’ll blame you for the next 4 years.

If you use this, download it, post it, whatever, please leave a comment below with URL if you want. Thanks.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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One response to “Bush Lies – Creative Commons graphic – spread it around.”

  1. Dig the logo! Very punk rock. I’m seeing T-shirt sales, but elections less than a month away. Oh well, still a very cool logo.

    PS. Sad to hear about Team America. It looked like it could go either way.

    PPS. Star Clipper IS awesome! Picked up a couple things before I left.


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