Another Yahoo! code verification phishing scheme

Using spam to bypass code verification. Very clever! Also using word obfuscation techniques, I’m not certain if it is specifically on purpose or they really don’t know how to spell. Probably to defeat spam filters, I’m thinking.

D‮rae‬ Y‮oha‬o! M‮ebme‬r,

We m‮su‬t c‮kceh‬ t‮tah‬ yo‮ru‬ Y‮ooha‬! ID was r‮retsige‬ed by re‮la‬ p‮poe‬le. So, to h‮le‬p Ya‮oh‬o! pre‮nev‬t aut‮etamo‬d
registrat‮oi‬ns, pl‮esae‬ c‮cil‬k on t‮sih‬ l‮kni‬ and co‮telpm‬e c‮edo‬ v‮noitacifire‬ p‮cor‬ess:*%68%74t%50%3a%2f%2F%77ww%09%2e%67OOg%6cE.%43%6f%4d%2f%75%72l%3fq=%68%74%74p:%2f%2F%77%77%77.%47O%4F%67%4ce

Th‮kna‬ yo


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