First Podcast: My Life – including me, Dmitri Pogorelov, Kristin and Kuma

First podcast, going to test out WordPress RSS enclosure feature.

Features Russian violinist Dmitri Pogorelov, myself, Kristin, and guest appearances by our dog Kuma and cat Stella.

We went to the St. Louis symphony tonight, then to the Chocolate Bar afterwards. We really like the new version of the Chocolate Bar, and it’s now owned by a young guy (something Bailey). So then I started recording, since Dmitri needed to practice for a quartet he’s playing tomorrow.

20041030-Gabriel_Serafini.mp3Podcast logo

Update: Ok, so it looks like WordPress 1.2 doesn’t automatically do the podcast enclosure thing in the RSS (just tested it in OS X version of Ipodder). Maybe it is the 1.3 version that does this automatically…


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