Excellent Podcast History on Adam Curry’s Weblog

Excellent Podcast History on Adam Curry’s Weblog

Adam Curry’s Weblog

Podcasting comes from a marriage of weblogs and radio. Dave and I are like the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup commercial, where one person eating peanut butter bumps into another eating chocolate, and they both witness the discovery of a wonderful new taste. Only our ‘bump-moment’ didn’t happen rounding the corner, we’ve been working together and with other people on this for years. The ipodder script I wrote to put his Morning Coffee Notes on my iPod automatically, merely popped the podcasting pimple that had been brewing for all this time, building up pressure, waiting to be released. Sorry, that was a disgusting visual. But you get the idea.

I love the popping the podcasting pimple wording. Such great description. 🙂

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