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Arts for the Soul – Arts retreat in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Jan 30 2005

Arts for the Soul – Arts retreat in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Love the arts and nature? Are your creative dreams on hold?

Then come to a place of inspiration, our spectacular week long retreat in the charming mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado in the magnificent Rockies. It’s a place where you will be a part of a group of 20 enthusiastic individuals who aspire to write, paint, develop photography skills, play chamber music or who simply appreciate music and the arts and want to learn more.

Check out the site – we just finished adding a nice little 4 minute video with highlights from 2004.

Arts for the Soul – a great Steamboat Springs vacation retreat.

CentOS – The Community ENTerprise Operating System Jan 28 2005

I hadn’t really heard about CentOS yet, but have been seeing it offered on hosting packages. Looks pretty cool… – The Community ENTerprise Operating System

CentOS Overview

CentOS is an Enterprise class Linux Distribution. It is a rebuild of Redhat Enterprise Linux that conforms fully with Redhat’s redistribution policy and aims to be 100% binary compatible. (CentOS mainly changes RHEL packages to remove RedHat branding and artwork.)  CentOS is free, however, we ask for a small contribution.  CentOS is a project of the cAos Foundation.

CentOS is developed by a small but growing team of core developers.  In turn the core developers are supported by an active user community including system administrators, network administrators, enterprise users, managers, core Linux contributors and Linux enthusiasts from around the world.
CentOS has numerous advantages including: an active and growing user community, quickly rebuilt, tested, and QA’ed RedHat errata packages, an extensive mirror network, developers who are contactable and responsive, multiple free support avenues including IRC Chat, Email Lists, Forums, a dynamic FAQ, commercial support is offered via a number of vendors.

WordPress Multiuser Jan 28 2005

WordPress Multiuser › Home

WordPress MU is multi-user version of the famous WordPress blogging application. It is ideal for people wanting to offer a hosted version of WordPress, but due to its complexity installation and maintainance is not supported in the same manner WordPress is.

Using WordPress Multi-user edition you will be able to people be able to sign up for a new blog and have them securely manage their templates and settings without affecting any other users. Only one blog per user is allowed, but you can have unlimited users, and you can have multiple users on a single blog.

With the excellent work of Donncha this project is just getting off the ground, so check back often for updates.

Port 25 problem – SMTP email server not responding – solution to being blocked by ISP (SBC Yahoo! DSL) Jan 28 2005

Recently Thunderbird couldn’t send email anymore, giving this error:

Sending of message failed.

The message could not be sent because connecting to SMTP server failed. The server may be unavailable or is refusing SMTP connections. Please verify that your SMTP server setting is correct and try again, or else contact your network administrator.

A little investigation seemed to indicate that possibly it was the ISP blocking port 25. A call to SBC’s support center confirmed that indeed, they had recently started blocking port 25 in my region.

The very nice lady pointed me at the following URL to get my domain unblocked so that I could send out on port 25:

Click on Opt Out Port 25 for the Abuse Type, and Email for the Abuse Occurred In: fields. Apparently they couldn’t be bothered to create a nice “I can’t s end out via SMTP any more. Please unblock me.” type page. Oh well. Supposedly in ~ 12 hours they’ll get it unblocked.

Until then, thank goodness for webmail, yo.

SBC Yahoo! Help – Report Abuse of Service

Update: We STILL can’t send out via port 25, so this morning I fixed Kristin’s Thunderbird settings to use Googles nice and fast smtp servers for sending out email. They rock. Use a nice high-level port, secure authentication, and, well, it just works. Anyone needing a Google invite, please let me know (have like 49 left now.)

HDTV .torrents Jan 25 2005

They have nice HDTV .torrents of popular network television shows (like Alias, which we seem to be missing since they moved the scheduling).

Bit torrent ROCKS!

QemuX. The power of Qemu in your hands. Jan 22 2005

QemuX. The power of Qemu in your hands.

QemuX claims to be a powerful UI (User Interface) for the Qemu CPU Emulator by Fabrice Bellard. QemuX is designed for Mac OS X. As qemu currently only runs as a Terminal App, a Cocoa application for managing configurations and simple launching of a foreign Operating System makes your life easier. It’s just the Apple way of life! 🙂

QemuX does all this for you. But it does many more. You don’t have to worry about installing qemu first – QemuX will get and install it for you. It also includes an Assistant for setting up a foreign Operating System on your Mac. Try it – It’s so easy!

This is supposed to be like Virtual PC, only its open source. Gonna give it a try.

HOWTO: use grep to transform company, address, phone, web into CSV format Jan 22 2005

Grep pattern for the day:

(.*)r(.*)r(.*), ([A-Z]*) ([0-9]*(-[0-9]*)?)r(P: (.*)r)?(F: (.*)r)?((.*@.*)r)?((www.*)r)?

This will take a list in the form of:

Company Name
City, State ZIP
P: 123-123-1234
F: 123-123-1234

where the phone, fax, email and website are all optional

and allow you to then reorder into a nice CSV format with a replace:


saving a LOT of time. Isn’t grep great?

Unix command for the day: du -h | grep “[0-9]M” | sort -n -r > du.txt Jan 17 2005

Here’s the unix command for the day:
du -h | grep "[0-9]M" | sort -n -r > du.txt
du -h | grep "[0-9]M" | sort -n -r | less

This will:
1) Do a disk usage (human readable) du -h
2) pipe the results to grep to search for all instances of a number followed by M (for Megabyte)
3) sort the results (numerically) and in (reverse)
4) write the results into a file called du.txt

Then, using less du.txt will display a nice sorted list of all the directories starting in your current one that have a megabyte of data in them or more. Which might be very helpful if you’re wondering, where did all my disk space go? What can I safely delete and free up some diskspace? This did the trick.

P.S. I started the process with a du -h | grep "[0-9]G" to get the process started (show me all the directories that have a gigabyte or more of data in them.) Now instead of 1.+ G of free disk space I’ve got 7.7GB available (df -h).

music sheet – mario songs Jan 14 2005

music sheet – mario songs


(Via BoingBoing > Kottke)

Kristin’s new private journals book – Words with Wings Jan 14 2005

Kristin just published a neat new 64 page book featuring pages from her past 10 years of journals. Check it out!

Complicated Octopus Bookstore –

Welcome to the Complicated Octopus Bookstore! Kristin Serafini has created Complicated Octopus to publish her private journals. Please visit to see more of Kristin’s journal pages & tips.

Words With Wings: The Private Journals of an Artist, Volume One

Are you a writer or an artist? Have you ever thought about keeping a journal? “Words With Wings” gives you a sneak peek into the private artistic life of Kristin Serafini, a well-known author & illustrator of 5 environmental children’s books. This book is beautifully illustrated with never-before-published pages from Kristin’s own personal illuminated journals from 1994-2004. She has included notes about how she created some of the pages, as well as a few activities that you can do to get your own journal juices flowing.

Check it out!

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