HOWTO: Connect Mac OS X Panther laptop to Canon MP390 multi-function printer

My brother was having problems hooking up his Powerbook to a Canon MP390 multi-function printer/scanner/fax. Here is his write-up about how to successfully print to this (PC-only) printer:

So I have a Powerbook OS 10.3.8 and I needed to print a word document and my roommate only has a Canon MP390 which only works for PC’s. Not happy with this answer, I decided to check all printers that might be similar on the network. I was happy to see that their was a printer that prints pretty darn well.

Here is how I got there.

  1. Open your MS Word document
  2. Apple P
  3. Click on the Printer Scroll Button
  4. Edit Printer List….
  5. Add Printer
  6. Find your server and choose it
  7. Choose what ever printer you have or if you can click on Printer Model
  8. Choose CANON
  9. Find: CANON BJC 7000, CUPS+Gimp-Print v4.2.5 and add it

Now, you have a printer that is very close to the MP390 and it has worked just as well for me, printing color just fine.

Hope you find this helpful


You can check his site at


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