Welcome to your future if you don’t think and do the right(TM) thing.

THIS IS SO FUCKED UP. Peacful protesters sitting on the ground in circles getting systematically broken up by police in riot gear basically pulling them up by sticking their fingers right under the jaw. Hard. FUCKED UP. Nice American style justice. Keep the dissenters quiet.

Video of Police Brutality

Not sure which the more disturbing part is: The brutality (not uncommon, really, these days, just usually is kicking and hitting with clubs) or the guys taking pictures and the video as these PEOPLE are being subjected to intense pain by our trusty HEROS Abu-Gharib-style pain inflictors. Makes me sick. This is really, really not cool.

Some good comments and discussion over at the Santa Cruz Indymedia site covering this event.

One interesting comment by “Santa Cruz PD”:

Excellent police training film

22 Apr 2005

by Santa Cruz PD
Please note the incredible restraint of the officers under repeated antagonistic taunting of the surrounding protestors. While the use of the nerve pinch is not as effective as other non-lethal means of subject control, we commend the men and women of the police force for attempting to maintain order with a minimum of surrounding outbreaks in violence and disobedience.

Please note the complete allowance of video camera’s that allow the public to properly document the incident. The camera’s were not confiscated and filming was allowed continue unless the camera operator interfered with the duties of the police officers.

We appreciate that our officers were able to go home to their families at the end of their watch.

Thank goodness they can go back to their families.

The final response to the above post:

Re: Excellent police training film

22 Apr 2005

by jim
In response to: Santa Cruz PD, who wrote
“…the use of the nerve pinch is not as effective as other non-lethal means of subject control…”

One with police/martial art training can see that the “nerve pinch” was not the only technique used. By “nerve pinch,” I believe you’re referring to the pressure point underneath the jawbone, which can cause immense pain, although it doesn’t leave lasting damage.

In both the video and the photographs, the police can also be clearly seen utilizing chokes (you can see this technique when the police are pressing about midway down the neck, on either side). Police are shown applying pressure to the carotid artery, effectively cutting off blood and oxygen flow the brain. This results in unconciousness within a few seconds.

I’m sure you are aware that this technique has caused several deaths when used by police officers in the past. I’m sure you also know that the potential of death has led to a ban on choking in some law enforcement jurisdictions.

Regardless of the legality of chokes as coercion techniques, using chokes at the protest was completely irresposible and shows horrid judgement on the part of the law enforcement officers. The protestors were completely peaceful and nonviolent.

There should be an exceptionally good reason to use chokes, given their potential of death. I don’t believe 50 students in non-violent protest, endorsing justice, democracy, peace, and creativity constitutes an exceptional reason. Your police were concerned with demonstrating their skills in pain coercion in order to make your “Excellent police training film,” with complete disregard to the appropriateness/morality of their actions.



” Please note the incredible restraint of the officers under repeated antagonistic taunting of the surrounding protestors.”

Please note the incredible restraint of the PROTESTORS and THEIR FRIENDS. You were choking them. They yelled back. I think that’s understandable, unlike the your actions.


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