Enoch Light – Smashing, baby!

Spaced Out cover

Have been listening to some of the tracks, and they are groovy, brassy, fun for sure.

Boing Boing: Thursday is the 100th birthday of Enoch Light

The late Enoch Light was a bandleader famous for using “ping pong stereo” effects: bouncing sound from the left and right channels. The effect was put to good use on his two most popular albums, Persuasive Percussion and Provocative Percussion, both issued in the 1950s.

The cover art of his 60s LPs are phantasmagorically trippy blends of exotica, erotica, and psychedelia. The music on many of his albums of the era, however, sound like a slightly (very slightly) more hip version of Lawrence Welk. Lucky for me, I love Lawrence Welk’s sound.

Download albums here complete with sweet analog record player scratch sounds and all. 🙂

Click the Boing Boing link for more links to downloads for the albums.

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