dj BC presents The Beastles – FANTASTIC Beastie Boys/Beatles mashup

Totally FANTASTIC Beastie Boys / Beatles mashup album!!! w00t!

Get it now before it is gone. Thank you Internet!

Beastles by DJ BC

dj BC presents The Beastles

dj BC presents The Beastles

1. Whatcha Want, Lady?
2. Tripper Trouble
3. Mother Nature’s Rump
4. I Feel Fine Right Now
5. Sure-Bla-Di Shot-Bla-Da
6. Mad World Forever
7. Word To The Mic
8. Root Down Reprise
9. Hold It Together Now

Beastles cover art as a printable insert with track listing.

Cover by Pheugoo
Bigs thanks to my man Solcofn.

These mash-ups were made for fun, and as a demonstration of my remixing abilities.
The copyright to these source recordings is retained by the original copyright holder.
By downloading these tracks you agree to delete them within 48 hours.
If you object to these being posted online please email me at

(Via the also fantastic BoingBoing!!!)

The only thing missing is the bittorrent link… Got the mp3s no problem anyways… 🙂

Thanks yo.

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