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Products are available here for instant despatch, no extra cost or p2p required. (size and colour may vary)

Due to rising processing costs only some of our product is currently available, but we hope that does not stop you enjoying your Kodiak moments.

NOTE: This site is NOT held on a UK or US server (despite any UK or US domains that may be pointing at it) – it’s hosted in Russia.

Disclaimer: All remixes linked to on this site are created for my own entertainment, are not for sale, and are a demonstration of mixing and production techniques, and my intense love of music and the artists that create it. The copyright for the individual tracks used of course remain with the artists and record companies. If you like the mixes I have created, please track down the original tracks and support the original artists. If you are a representative of either the artist or the publishing company and would like the tracks removed, please contact me directly and I will happily take the tracks offline ASAP.

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