MUTANT POP – Tim’s Top Ten 01/12/04


Tim’s weekly Top 10 Mashups and bootlegs – gonna have to come back to this one!

MUTANT POP – Top Ten 01/12/04

Well strictly it should be 2nd of December – decided to do these mid week – partly because I have more time then. and partly because bootleggers seem to release most boots Sunday night and after the weekend!

The freeze has started here, but no snow or ice as yet, with the invevitable ‘hillarious’ messages written on cars like ‘I LUV MARY JANE’ and people scrawling various genitalia and breasts onto cars. It’s a old pagan winter tradition, doncha kno?

Listening to XFM today I heard BabySHAMBLES are played not one, not two, not three but FOUR gigs on New Years Eve. Wonder if Pete Doherty will not turn up to all of ’em?

Anyway, time for the show, baaaaaaaaaaby….

Todays show is brought to you by the words ‘melange’, ‘interjection’, ‘veritable’, various kitchen appliances and the number 69. Spot them kids!

Another 10 songs for the iPod. Sweet!

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